About Us

Corvus Primesite is a building contractor founded on experience, knowledge, commitment and desire.

When you engage Corvus Primesite, you are gaining access to over 40 years of combined experience across all phases of construction, development and project management using tested and proven systems and extensive design management skill.

The directors and staff of Corvus Primesite have been responsible for the planning, management, construction, delivery and completion of over $1billion worth of major projects across multiple sectors including residential, commercial, education, retail, aged care and health and have combined their skills to focus on providing a quality service that exceeds the industry standard.

Corvus Primesite focuses on loyalty, quality, long term relationships and financial stability and through this it has been able to build the support of a loyal group of experienced and established subcontractors and suppliers with the same attitudes and values that enable us to strengthen and achieve our business goals.