Our Promise

When you engage with Corvus Primesite, you are gaining access to over 40 years of combined construction experience across multiple facets of the industry including residential, commercial, education, retail, aged care and health.

Our collective experience and commitment as individuals who have managed and constructed complex major residential and commercial projects with multiple stakeholders and user groups highlights the benefits that clients receive when engaging Corvus Primesite.

With experience and knowledge constructing and delivering many projects across multiple facets of the industry including residential, commercial, education, retail, aged care, health, infrastructure and defence our team has had first-hand experience constructing and managing projects where critical issues of shared occupation, access, acoustics, vibration, noise, dust, services, adjoining neighbours, overhead and underground facilities present daily challenges.

Our people have specialist experience in project planning, initiation and concept design, through to construction delivery, operations and post completion monitoring.

This ensures a significant understanding of design issues, construction challenges and methods, project risk, programme and delivery required to achieve successful completion and handover of varying project types.

We also have experience and are aware of our responsibilities where existing facilities are required to remain operational throughout the project with minimal disruption to the users, while achieving programme and delivery milestones.

Corvus Primesite appreciates that each project comes with unique and dynamic conditions and circumstances that can require constant review and reassessment.

By having the desire to fully understand the project objectives and challenges we can plan for the factors required to implement and deliver a successful project.

We manage each project and its stakeholders through the active hands-on involvement of our director and senior personnel throughout all delivery phases.

At Corvus Primesite we are highly conscious and considerate of our obligations to the client’s business needs and to achieving all contractual parameters including time, cost, quality, safety, programme, cohabitation, staging, co-operation and delivery milestones.

We are confident that Corvus Primesite commitment, desire and extensive experience and knowledge coupled with its specialised skills in construction will enable us to facilitate the realisation of your vision for the construction of your project.

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